Unseen in Krabi

          Krabi is a famous province in Thailand as know as one of the most beautiful sea in Thailand. Many people come to Krabi for travelling both in the sea and on land so today I will recommend the places that you should visit.


1. Crab Monument Krabi

Start with the first place in the town, that called the mud crabs sculpture Krabi or Crab Monument Krabi made by Krabi Municipality. It is very popular for traveler to take photos with a big crab and 3 small crabs. The mud crab sculpture Krabi or Crab Monument Krabi located in front of khao Khanab nam which is the symbol of Krabi. It is a good view to see the sea, mangrove forest, 2 small mountains (khao Khanab nam), monkeys etc. The mud crab sculpture Krabi or Crab Monument Krabi mean about the abundance of ecology resources around in Krabi and remind both Krabi’s people and traveler to protect natural resources Krabi.

Black crab monument Krabi
Black crab monument Krabi

2. Talaywaek or Separated sea

          Next amazing place is Talaywaek or Separated sea as know as unseen Thailand and unseen Krabi. When people talk about Krabi, Talaywaek or Separated sea is one of the most place that they thank of. Talaywaek is a group of 3 islands (Tub island, Mor island and chicken island) which connect with the white sand beach.

          Tub island is a small island that has a beach only on the south of island and this beach connect with Poda island beach. It looks like a natural sand bridge with white sand beach and about 200-meter-long that you can walk along the beach from Tub island to Chicken island when low tide.

            Mor island is a rock island which does not have the beach on the island but the water around island is so clear and beautiful. Mor island is a little bit far from Tub island about 70 meters and when it is a low tide people can walk to Mor island.

          Chicken island is an island that people will remember its name because it is a funny rock shape: it looks like a chicken. But some people think in the different shape look like.

Talaywaek or Separated sea

3. Emerald pool or Sra Morakot

          The last place is Emerald pool or Sra Morakot, named because of its color. It is in rainforest jungle with towering trees. Emerald Pool is the large nature pool that filled with pure spring water. It is the place that you shouldn’t miss it. It is very famous and traveler most want to come when they travel on land.

Emerald pool krabi

Emerald pool

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