Wing shell Krabi

Local foods of Krabi

  1. Cashew nuts are a local product that is popular to be a souvenir. It is already known that cashews are very popular in the southern region. And Krabi is one of the provinces that has the one of the highest productions. The reason why Krabi cashew nuts are well-known by traditional cooking which is different from the others who cook by fried method.  
Cashew nuts
Cashew nuts KRabi
Cashew nuts
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“The fascination of traditional cooking will remain nutrition completely as well as the rubber in the ripe nut proceeded through drying method will be burnt from inside out affecting cashew nuts to be crispy, oily, having good smell as natural without seasoning. This is the key point that this product has been popular more than 30 years”

All tourists can buy the product at any local stores or the origin of production place. Most of them are in the district of Nuea Khlong produced by a housewife group named Ban Rai Yai housewife group. Tourists can visit the production process as well.

2. Sea grapes or Green Caviar originates from Japan. The shape looks like a grape bunch. Before being cultured in Thailand. As for the benefits, it will nourish the eyes, release beriberi and also contain free radicals to inhibit cancer cells. However, Krabi has encouraged villagers to cultivate and to raise the career for people in the community by using only 3 months, the Sea grapes or Green Caviar can be harvested to wash. It can be eaten with chili sauce or cook as a side dish. Anyone who will be visiting Krabi, you can order this local food at the restaurants in Krabi.

Sea grapes or Green caviar
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Green-Caviar or sea graves Krabi
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3.Wing shell  , if anyone is a seafood lover, you must not miss this menu when you go to Krabi. “Wing Shell” is considered as delicious seafood. If anyone comes to Krabi, you must taste it for once! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have arrived Krabi yet. And it also known as the “Wing shell” because it has a special characteristic in the mouth that has a similar polyp and has brown nails protruded for walking. The villagers usually call “Teen (foot)”. To eat this wing shell, you must pull the so-called “foot” to let the shell come out. The villagers usually call “Chak Teen (pull the foot out)” making this type of shell popularly known as “Hoy Chak Teen (wing shell)” and it will be consumed as popular as a seafood dish widely. All tourists can eat at the local restaurants in Krabi.

Wing shell Krabi
“Wing Shell” from the sea
Wing shell Krabi
“Wing Shell” with Sea food sauce

4. Dim Sum It is a local breakfast menu. Krabi people often go out to eat dim sum, tea or coffee in the morning. Dim Sum is a popular food and easy to find. There are many restaurants, especially in urban Krabi. Apart from this recommended breakfast, there also have porridge, buns, dumplings, all of them are in the same restaurant for all tourists to choose from. Dim sum will be steamed, cooked and served properly.

Timsum Krabi
ขอขอบคุณ ภาพจากราชรส ติ่มซำกระบี่ Cradit :
ขอขอบคุณ ภาพจากราชรส ติ่มซำกระบี่ Cradit :

5. Roti is a local appetizer.  It has a soft powdery texture. It is popularly taken to deep fry poured with milk and brown sugar. It can be eaten as the appetizer in the evening or after evening with cold coffee or cold tea. It is พฟreasonable price. The famous restaurant is at in front of Vogue, close to the walking street in Krabi. It is very popular among visitors.

Roti Krabi
Roti Krabi
Roti Krabi
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Anyone who will be visiting Krabi, you must try it!

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